Welcome to the Energysense Data Catalogue!     

This website is an interface to our data catalogue and provides a precise overview of the kind of data Energysense collects. By selecting Baseline 1.0 catalogue at the top of the page, you can browse all available data items from questionnaires. By selecting Meter Data, you can see which is data collected on energy use.  As new questionnaires are added to the data catalogue, new titles will appear in the menu at the top of the page.

Please note that only the labels describing the kind of data available are shown, not the data itself. The actual data of Energysense is highly secure and can only be used for research and innovation that contributes to the energy transition. For access to Energysense data, a procedure has been put in place to ensure that the data is used according to the ethical and legal constraints of Energysense. Only researchers with a data request that is approved and who have signed a Data Access Agreement can access the data by signing into the site.

For details please visit our website: www.energysense.nu/en/research/setting-up-research/

You can contact the Energysense team at research@energysense.nu